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The Dairy Industry

The local dairy industry consists of farmers and producers with some contribution from the Government of Barbados.

With the supplying farms being typically family owned, there is a long legacy of dairy farming in Barbados with farms often spanning generations. This is a legacy which the farmers along with the PINEHILL team consistently seek to preserve and extend. There are 15 farms which currently supply PINEHILL with an average of 4 million litres of milk per year which equates to approximately 500 cows being milked daily across the island.

The farmers have worked in conjunction with PINEHILL to improve their farming standards, make technological advancements in their farming practices and modernize their milking operations. PINEHILL has sought to strengthen the interest in the farms and improvements in technology, in order to more readily satisfy the local market and secure external markets to the benefit of the local dairy industry.

The Government through the Ministry of Agriculture lends support through their many agricultural programs and the farmers have established the Barbados Beef and Dairy Producers Association which is part of a wider body called the Barbados Agricultural Society. International agencies are also available to the farmers such as the Caribbean Agricultural Research Institute (CARDI) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).