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Our Processing Plant

The processing plant at PINEHILL is one of the most state-of-the-art operations in the western hemisphere and the plant has continuously benefitted from upgrades to ensure peak operational performance. Housed in the plant is an expanse of equipment, designed to allow for the sequence of operations necessary to process, produce and package our products.

The first in the sequence of operations for milk for example, is Aseptic Processing which occurs at very high temperature for a short period of time. This is completed by way of the Vapor Thermal Instant Sterilizer before steam is injected directly into the milk through the Steam Injector. The milk is then cooled in the Flash Cooling Vessel and restored to its original composition.

Following the Aseptic Processing is Aseptic Storage where the product is cooled to ambient temperature and stored in the Aseptic Tank prior to filling.

To complete the filling process, the product is then fed to the Tetra Gemina Aseptic (TGA) filler which is maintained under sterile conditions. The packaging material tube is then filled with product in the Aseptic Chamber and the filler tube is converted to 1 litre packages at 7,000 units per hour. Once filled, the gable top and flat bottom of the package are folded in the final section.