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Mission, Vision & Values


To continuously enhance stakeholder value by operating as a key player in the production, distribution, and management of strong brands in domestic and regional markets with an extra-regional presence.



  1. We operate within an integrated corporate culture and utilize the best technologies to maintain cost efficiencies throughout the operation.  Resource conservation and effective recycling programs are an on-going priority.
  2. We support a culture of ongoing research, feedback and innovation to ensure business continuity/viability.
  3. We place an emphasis on modern R&D capabilities, and continue to foster partnerships with reputable parties to develop expertise, new ingredients, product, and packaging technologies.
  4. We enjoy a highly-focused customer service culture, and mutually beneficial relationships with partners.
  5. We commercialize a portfolio of high quality brands.
  6. We expand geographically by investing outside of our traditional sphere of operations and as a result enhance earnings and renew personal and corporate interest in our Group.
  7. We develop sustainable financial returns for investment, adding value to shareholders.
  8. We are an undisputed Employer of Choice.   
  9. We maintain the highest standards in Corporate Governance.
  10. We are leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility with a consistent commitment to supporting the needs of our communities and the natural environment.



  • Honesty & Integrity                  
  • Quality & Excellence                  
  • Fairness & Transparency                          
  • Mutual Trust & Respect              
  • Commitment & Loyalty
  • Innovation
  • Recognition & Reward
  • Accountability & Responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Ethical Behavior