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Our story began in 1966 when the Northern Dairies of England, The New Zealand Dairy Board, a private enterprise in Barbados and the Barbados Government entered into a joint venture creating the then called Barbados Dairy Industries Limited (BDIL). At that time, our suppliers were predominantly family farms from in and around the city of Bridgetown, providing 3000 litres of milk twice a day. The year 1997 however, brought significant change as the Company was acquired by the Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) group and for the first time in our then 31 year history was completely locally controlled.

Barbados Dairy Industries, trading as PINEHILL, has over the years transformed its operations. Today the entirely Barbados based operation features well regulated systems and machinery and a sophisticated fleet of specialized tankers which collect on average 15,000 litres of milk a day. As Barbados’ lone dairy processing plant, we have innovated to better provide for you our consumers and now manufacture a wide range of high quality milks, milk products, juices and juice drinks in a variety of flavors.

At PINEHILL, we believe you should enjoy life’s moments so go ahead and indulge in a glass of juice or milk anytime of the day. Sip and smile…

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In 1961, then Prime Minister of Barbados Errol Walton Barrow, expressed interest in the establishment of a central creamery and pasteurisation plant. With this goal in mind, he searched for the relevant expertise which resulted in support from Mr. Alec Horsley, Chairman of the Northern Dairies Limited of Britain and the New Zealand Dairy Production and Marketing Board.


On March 11th 1964, Barbados Dairy Industries which trades as PINEHILL was registered as a limited liabilities company.


In 1965, Mr. Alec Horsley constructed the first Diary facilities in Barbados using his personal financial resources, technicians and engineers.

Dairy Facilities Constructed

In 1966, shares were divided among the Government of Barbados, 360 Dairy Farmers, the New Zealand Dairy Board and Northern Foods Ltd. of the United Kingdom, with each entity receiving 25% of the shares.

On May 1st 1966, the dairy officially opened its doors with a staff of 20 and operations commenced with the production of evaporated milk, fresh cream, fresh milk, sweetened condensed milk and super pasteurised milk.

Also in 1966, the Super Pasteurised Bottled Milk was first introduced in June of that year.

Dairy Opens Doors

In 1968, PINEHILL Yogurt was first introduced with the Swiss Type Yogurt following in 1987.

PINEHILL Yogurt was first introduced

In the 70’s, PINEHILL packaged rice. The rice was packaged in milk cartons and sold to consumers however, this practice was very short lived.

PINEHILL packaged rice

The year 1976 signaled PINEHILL’s entrance into the juice market with the introduction of Orange juice. In the years that followed, Bajan Cherry, Passion Fruit, Apple, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Fruit Punch, Guava Pineapple, Black Currant, Mango and Cranberry juice flavors were introduced.

PINEHILL enters the juice market

In 1979, PINEHILL Cottage Cheese was introduced as PINEHILL sought to expand on its range of cultured products.

PINEHILL Cottage Cheese was introduced

In the mid-1980’s exportation PINEHILL’s products began.

Eexportation of PINEHILL's products began

In 1991, the dairy was retrofitted with an Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Plant to produce long life juices and milk.

UHT Plant

In 1992, PINEHILL introduced Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).


Buddy Packs

Also in 1992, the ‘Buddy Pack’ was launched aimed at a younger target market, namely school children.


In 1994, Kalypso Kool juice drinks were introduced however, these were later discontinued in 1998.

Kalypso Kool juice drinks introduced

In 1995, targeting a different demographic, PINEHILL launched the ‘Light Delights’ juice line. Developed as an alternative to PINEHILL’s popular juice products and formulated with the help of dieticians, Light Delights became a favorite among diabetics.

PHD launcheds their juice line 'Light Delights'

In 1997, PINEHILL obtained ISO 9000 accreditation making it Barbados’ first processing plant to attain such certification. PINEHILL then ranked among the world’s top international food processing plants.

Later in 1997, PINEHILL became 100% locally owned after it was acquired by Banks Holdings Limited (BHL). At that time, both PINEHILL and BHL were market leaders in the business of the manufacture and supply of beverages. Northern Dairy Industries and the New Zealand Dairy Board respectively owned 1,000,000 shares to be sold. BHL seized the opportunity and welcomed PINEHILL to their group of companies.

ISO 9000 accreditation, PINEHILL becomes 100% locally owned

In 2001, PINEHILL introduced its delectable Ice Cream options including flavors such as Chocolate Dream.

PINEHILL introduces Ice Cream

In 2002, PINEHILL and the Ministry of Education initiated a project which saw the serving of fresh local milk daily, to thousands of school children across 13 schools in St. Michael.

Fresh Milk In Schools

In 2005, the Dairy eliminated the production of products in cans. All PINEHILL products were exclusively made available in gable top cartons, tetra-pak packaging and plastic containers.

Production of milk In cans is eliminated

In 2006, two fillers were added to facilitate the packaging of 1 litre, 2 litre and half gallon juices and milk products.

Two fillers were added to facilitate the packaging

In 2008, a new flavored drink innovation called the PINEHILL Cooler was introduced to provide a refreshing beverage option with reduced calories an reduced sugar.

New flavoured drink called PINEHILL Cooler was introduced

History is still being written but we will continue sharing our story.

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History is still being written but we will keep sharing our story