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Milk... Your Secret Weapon Against Osteoporosis

We have good news and bad news… The bad news is that while most of us associate osteoporosis with old age, it can affect people of any age. The good news is that milk can help in the battle against osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones have lost their density and mass therefore becoming more fragile and prone to breaks and fractures. Even the simplest of everyday activities can prove harmful for someone with the disease. All hope is not lost however as you can ward off the possibility of developing Osteoporosis by strengthening your bones with adequate vitamin D and calcium.

Milk is naturally one of the best sources of calcium, the mineral that helps build strong bones. Our bodies do not produce calcium so this has to be extracted from the foods and beverages we consume. By incorporating milk into your daily diet, you help maintain strong, healthy bones to serve you for life. While the recommended daily intake differs depending on age, on average it is suggested that we consume three glasses of milk per day to derive greater benefit from the calcium content.

Fortified with a number of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, milk’s combative powers against Osteoporosis are twofold. Vitamin D aids in your body’s ability to absorb and retain calcium so in order for your bones to benefit from the calcium acquired, Vitamin D needs to be present in adequate supply. Why not enjoy an ice cold glass of milk outside while you soak up the sun? The sunlight is also a good source of Vitamin D.

Do not let Osteoporosis scare you. There is no need to fear once milk is here! Fight a good fight against osteoporosis with milk in your corner.

Posted Monday, November 17, 2014 | By Pine Hill Dairy
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