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Sustainable Dairy Farms

Sustainable Dairy Farms

The dairy farms in Barbados, much like PINEHILL, are mindful of their environmental impact and employ various methods to contribute to a more sustainable environment. While there are a plethora of methods currently in use across the local farmlands, there are three main areas of note.

  1. Manure from the cows is repurposed as fertilizer for crops. What is not used in the farmer’s field is often then sold or given to nearby farmers and other members of the farming community.

  1. A number of the farms are outfitted with solar energy systems supplied by local companies and water which needs to be heated for cleaning purposes is generated through the use of the solar heating systems. This reduces their reliance on fossil fuels as the systems are powered by the sun.

  1. Rain water is collected and reused for washing down surfaces where hot water is not required. This aids in conserving our local water supply.